How Quora help in your Business Marketing

Start by setting up your profile. Make sure to include information about your brand and what makes you an expert in your industry. Answer questions related to your industry and engage in conversations. You may also consider using Quora ads to increase reach

What is Quora?

Nowadays, when a question pops into your head, the first place you go is the internet, as it is filled to the brim with resources that can give you the information you are looking for. One of them being Quora. Quora is a question and answer website where people go to find information. Every piece of content on the site is generated by users, meaning it is created, edited, and organized by the same people that use the website. Since being founded in 2010, the platform has seen its user base soar. Today, Quora garners over 1.5 million monthly visitors worldwide.

  • It allows users to create social networks and follow topics that interest them.
  • It focuses on high-quality questions and answers.
  • It enable users to vote on answers to highlight the most accurate information possible.

Why you should use Quora for Marketing?

For marketers, that’s a vast untapped source of referral traffic and potential leads. With the right strategy, marketers can reach new audiences and drive prospects to their products and services, resulting in huge returns for their bottom line. For some marketers, using Quora has proven to triple their referral traffic for a reasonable time investment Users on Quora develop profiles, pose questions to the community, and share their expertise by answering others’ questions on subjects ranging from technology to social media to startups and venture capital.

Step : 1 Make Your Quora Profile

1.      When you first visit Quora, you will be asked to either sign in or create an account

2.      From that screen, click “Sign Up With Email.” After you fill out that page, you can complete the other typical account creation requirements, like adding a photo to your profile and connecting with your friends on the site.

3.      You can then start to follow things that interest you. Quora is the perfect mix between a search engine and social media. You follow things on the website, but there is a greater emphasis on topics, like the ones shown below, rather than people. Either way, whatever you choose to follow will make up the content in your feed.

4.      Mention your brand name as close to the beginning as you can and make the most of your 50 characters.

Step : 2 Follow Business related topics on Quora

To get started, simply type into Quora’s search box the topic you’d like to follow. Quora will give you a list of autocompleted suggestions, and when you click through to a topic page, you’ll even see an extra list of related topics to follow along the side. You can also search for users to follow and be notified of their newest answers. For blog posts, search for the blog name or author and click to follow the blog to receive updates for every new post. Additionally, each time you log into Quora, your home feed will contain the latest and greatest from the topics, people, and blogs that you follow.

Step : 3 Describe your experience on Quora Profile

After you’ve followed the topics you are interested in, go back to your profile and click on the edit icon next to Credentials and Highlights. Click on the “Add Credential” button and select “Topic” Here, you can describe your experience with each one of the topics you are following. You can also select this credential to show when answering an individual question.

Step : 4 Answer the Questions Related to your Business

You can answer any question you’d like on Quora, which is a great way to get involved in the community and share knowledge. If you’re looking for a strategic way to answer questions, here are some things to consider. Search for your chosen topic. This will narrow down the questions significantly. Choose a topic that fits your business, that you’ve written about recently, or that you have meaningful stats for. Find threads with lots of upvotes. The upvotes signal that the questions are viewed a lot. A popular answer here could potentially lead to thousands of views per day (and dozens or hundreds of clicks back to your site).

Step : 5 Content is king, write short, simple & easy to read answers for your audience.

  • Quora offers endless opportunities to discover common questions and create targeted content that provides actionable answers and solutions. By following users and feeds, you’ll easily be able to see what topics and content types are sticky with the community.
  • The only reason you should be answering someone’s question on Quora is if you have a high quality, honest, and accurate answer. Don’t respond to user’s questions with nonsense. The only way a website like Quora can thrive is if all users respect the requests and answers of others.
  • That being said, answering questions on Quora is simple. Your feed will consist of questions related to the different topics you chose to follow. Click on one of those questions you have a solid answer for, and hit the “Answer” button.
  • Quora may not be known much as a visual network, which means a there could be a big opportunity if you’re able to include some visuals in your Quora content. Many of the top Quora users add images to their answers to help support their point. And these images, while first of all helpful, are also great attention-getters. See how they’re included in the Quora answer stream here.

Step : 6 Study Quora Analytics

Quora provides free analytics for all users, showing you a detailed breakdown of the following:

  • Views
  • Upvotes
  • Shares

And displaying these stats for each of the following categories:

  • The questions you ask
  • The answers you give
  • The blog posts you write
  • All the content you contribute

Step : 7 Quora Ads

Start by setting up your profile. Make sure to include information about your brand and what makes you an expert in your industry. Answer questions related to your industry and engage in conversations. You may also consider using Quora ads to increase reach. Yes, Quora has several paid advertising options that can be used to drive traffic, brand awareness, conversions, app installs, or leads.

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